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Owl City- Fireflies

In the upcoming weeks, a dear friend of mine and myself are starting a video production venture. Music is a passion of mine, but I come from a weird angle. I want to be involved in every aspect of music, except the playing itself.  I currently manage a band, The Electives (,  and now will start directing and producing music videos.  I’ve been watching a good amount of videos lately trying to ingest inspiration and the technical aspect. So I’ve decided I’m going to start posting videos that I definitely enjoy. So here’s Owl City with “Fireflies”.


Military Jackets

Sorry about the week long absence, I pretty much had one of the best weeks of my life in NYC. But to the topic: Military Jackets. Quick to the point, they’re fresh. The detail (braiding and collars) in the jackets is what does it for me. I think in the current climate of the world we live in, we are all affected and inspired by the militaristic environment we’ve all grown up to witness. Below are two pretty good looking military jackets you can grab up over at Topman designed by Antony Price. You can check the rest of the collaboration HERE.

Anthony Price for Topman

Also, one cannot talk about military jackets without mentioning the man who pulled them off like no one else. Jimi Hendrix is an icon and one of my major influences not only because of his music, but the style and swagger he brought along with it.  It’s something I hope I can put forth in the future in my own way.

Jimi Hendrix

All Things Go: Chiddy Bang

Proto and Xaphoon Jones make up the duo cleverly titled Chiddy Bang.  The group has been garnering national attention ever since a PMA feature on their song “Fresh Like Us” appeared back in February. They banged out hits for a few months including “Kids“, an impressivly sampled MGMT track, “Sooner or Later“, and “Because“, the sickest Radiohead sample I’ve heard to date. I was concerned for Chiddy Bang when there was a few month hiatus with no updates and no new tracks, but then a couple weeks ago The Swelly Express mixtape dropped. The guys came back way strong like Tom Brady for the Pats this year. Filled with some of the sickest beats I’ve heard gifted by Xaphoon and some real rhymes you can feel by Proto, this mixtape deserves some kind of honors. The guys take you on a journey from Philly to NY where they’re “trying to get the labels on while flaunting” as Proto would say. Honestly Xaphoon might be one of the best samplers I’ve heard since Kanye came out producing for the ROC. Also what other unsigned groups do you know that can get Black Thought (yes, The Roots MC) on a track? The definite stand out from The Swelly Express is the Sufjan Stevens sampled “All Things Go”. Xaphoon screws “Chicago” to make “All Things Go” one of the best hip-hop songs of the year. Honestly I would go as far as saying the duo might be the revival of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince circa the 90s. Listen to “All Things Go” below and tell me I’m wrong. Also if you feel so inclined to download the mixtape click HERE.

Copy Clothing- Holiday ’09

I’m a big fan of color and Copy Clothing gives any guy enough to satisfy those urges for a good minute. Murphy Martines, owner and designer, understands where colors have no limits and where less is more. The label is a small, up and comer based in SoCal. You can see the west coast surf influence come out in their tees.

What I like most though is the button-down pictured below. I’m digging the use of the purple dye on top of the plaid printed shirt. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to let the city know that you know you’re fresh and you don’t give a shit what they think, feel free to pick one of these up.

Freelance Whales

I have been leaning towards hip-hop, r&b, and UK pop rock for the last few months as far as my musical listening endeavors are concerned. I’ve had this sense of disappointment lately with American rock and it’s subsidiaries. I feel like music blogs and websites keep feeding me babies of buzz bands like Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, etc. And if they aren’t feeding me imitations then I feel like they’re introducing me to garbage music that somehow gets coined “lo-fi”, meaning you meant to sound shitty on purpose? Then a couple weeks ago I found this band, Freelance Whales, and they’ve been playing in my ears every day since. Being together for a little over a year, I’m highly impressed by this 5 piece from the big apple (another reference to my NYC trip obsession). A dynamic lineup for their first LP entitled “Weathervanes” offers a substantial amount of tunes perfect for that fall season stroll,  afternoon lunch by yourself, or a nice reminder of the significant or insignificant other you can’t stop thinking about. They gift you with this lyrical poetic justice mixed with an amazing assortment of instruments (keys, synths, bells, BANJO, washboards, electric/acoustic guitars) that gives me this indescribable feeling of satisfaction that I’ve lacked to feel with any band for a long time. They’re currently on a national tour with buzzing Fanfarlo if you want to check their live dates out to see if they’ll be hitting up your city in the near future. I’m also leaving a mp3 video of one of my favorite songs off the LP titled, “Starring”. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Winter Must Have: Timberland Boots

In 1973 Mr. Nathan Swartz and family created the Timberland Boot Co. and the original water-proof boot. The company has been an innovator and leader in the footwear industry since its inception over 30 years ago. Today the company leads the sustainability movement using only recyclable and renewable materials which are manufactured using solar and wind energy. In the early 90’s, the hip-hop movement adopted the classic 6″ wheat Timberland boot as the casual footwear of choice, but as Nike exploded into streetwear with the high top dunks and the Jordans, Timberlands took a backseat in everyone’s closet.

Mr. West in "Tims"

I remember seeing Mr. West in this picture awhile back and it gave me a different view on the boots.  They give this casual outfit a rugged American work feel that is definitely fresh. Then I saw him wearing them again in the “Make Her Say” music video and that’s when I was convinced. Timberland boots are going to be the last thing to be considered “trendy” this season, but I think they’re a good pick for any guy’s closet if he’s looking to up his footwear. Here’s a shot of my take on Tims.

The Pendleton Weekender

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the NYC trip I’m taking next week since I found out it was actually happening.  “Empire State of Mind” sums up the feeling I get when I visit the city every time. NYC offers an energy of motivation  and creativity that you just don’t get in many places.  I found myself searching for weekender bags when I came across a few offered by Pendleton that I really loved.

Spirit of the Peoples

Spirit of the Peoples Weekender

Pendleton incorporated the history of their company with the release of the “Spirit of the Peoples” design dedicated to the people of Pendleton, Oregon and the Native Americans of the Northwest who Pendleton acknowledges as their first customers.

The Rob Roy and the Black Watch weekender bags are also definite options. Going with either of these three bags puts you in a good spot with a good look when you’re traveling for a couple days.

Left: Rob Roy Weekender Right: Black Watch Weekender