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“Young Forever”

One of the best songs of 2009, hands down.


Jay Kos Suede Bucks

The freshest Bucks brought to you by Jay Kos. Thanks to Amy for the heads up that there is no relation to the Bass Co.

Jay Kos x Bass Bucks

Source: The Shoe Buff

Interview with Venice Is Sinking

So a couple weeks ago I sat down with the amazing members of Venice is Sinking. The guys (and gal) invited me over, FED ME, and we chit-chatted for over an hour about turkey, traveling, bad drivers, oh and of course their latest album AZAR. Please check out the band’s website and catch them live if you ever get a chance. AZAR is an amazing record I would recommend for anyone to take a listen. Catch the edited interview below or over at UGAstyle. Hope you enjoy.

Winter Must Haves #2: Clark’s Desert Boots

C&J Clark Ltd, popularly known as Clark’s, was founded in 1833 by brothers Cyrus and James. A small tanning and wool company that started in a small town in England has grown today into one of the largest privately owned footwear companies offering consumers casual footwear from outdoor boots to dress casual shoes. In 1950 the company launched the Clark’s desert boot which has been a staple in many men’s wardrobes around the globe. With prices ranging from $80-$120 you can’t find a better priced ankle boot with a high quality construction. Unfortunately since the company is based in the UK most of the really fresh styles are for European customers only, but there is still a pretty good selection for us Americans over at the USA site HERE. I’ve pictured below two of my favorite styles.

Navy Leather Desert Boot

Hemp Desert Boot

Kid Cudi x Mr. West

Ok so today I had to do a double music video post because I just really enjoy watching these next 2 videos. Kid Cudi I guess you can say is kind of the theme behind this post, but not really. The first video is Kanye West feat. Cudi on “Welcome to Heartbreak”. I love the “acid trip” visualization effects, Kanye actually said he didn’t make a big deal about this video because it was the 2nd video to come out with these video effects. I think it’s one of his best to date.

The next video is “Pursuit of Happiness” by Cudi himself. I can’t get over the slow-mo envrionment with Cudi solely being in regular speed. The video is kind of simple as far as storyline goes, but the visual aspect is ridiculous.

White Collar

So I guess everyone is done praising the costume designers of Mad Men and how brilliantly dressed the cast is.  I understand the interest in the 1960s’ era (a culturally changing US, style, music, etc.), but I live in the present. I don’t watch much television, but when I sat down with my little brother at home one weekend and he forced me to watch an episode of White Collar I was completely impressed. The show is about a top notch con-man, Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer), who is on probation from prison under the conditions that he helps the FBI capture other high profile criminals. The sub-plot of the show is that he is searching for his wife who has been kept away from him by an FBI agent Neil has yet to discover. The reason I’m making this post isn’t about the show’s ongoing plots, but about the personal style that the costume designers capture for Caffrey.

Neal Caffrey

Check out the tie bar, collar pins, skinny tie, and the fedora.  His look is clean and stylish combining classic aspects with modern touches. It completely fits his personality of an intellectual with expensive tastes and a love for romancing women although he always stays true to his first and only love. I’ve added an extra pic because 3 is a good number.

Miike Snow- Animal

Miike Snow’s self-titled debut album is definitely one of my top 5 favorites from 2009. Check out their myspace for tunes and please watch the music video for “Animal” below. It’s amazing.

Miike Snow- Animal directed by Sebastian Mlynarski

Sebastian Mlynarski