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Salem- It’s Only You

So I’ve decided that every Monday I’ll post a new music video to start bringing some organization to this “blog” (I’m starting to hate that word and what it stands for). But anyways this is a newish song from the band Salem. I’ve only been listening to this group for about a month now and they’ve blown my face away. The video is very experimental which definitely meshes with the sonic aesthetic that the band brings to the table.


1966 Bulova Accutron Spaceview

As of late I’ve been watch searching because I’ve come to the realization that every man needs a watch the he can wear to work, on a date, etc. Growing up I wasn’t really into watches for some reason and still til’ this day I find that I have a distinct taste for certain accessories and finding a watch that encompasses my desired aesthetic would be nearly impossible.  Searching around I came across the 1966 Bulova Accutron Spaceview. The Spaceview gives you full visibility of the 214 movement which is my absolute favorite part about this watch. A little cool history fact is that the 1966 Spaceview was the first wrist-watch approved for railroad use because it was one of the first wrist watches to completely resist oscillation variance from wrist movement. I’ve only been able to find a slim few for purchase on eBay with bids ranging in the $250-$400 range.

Rich Hil- O’s

Did you know Tommy Hilfiger’s son was a hip-hop artist? Well you do now because I introduce you to Rich Hil. He seems to want to channel a modern hippie whose transcended the ages and is a lost soul from the 60’s. I feel the vibe. He might not be the best musician, but he definitely has a sense of creativity and originality to his project. Here’s his first single “O’s”.

This Is Not A Polo Shirt?

Scott Sternberg has officially done it again. He’s introduced a line of polo’s, entitled “This is not a polo shirt”, cleverly impressive. I haven’t bought a polo shirt since high school because they remind me of the time I made youthful, immature decisions wasting my precious finances on overpriced polos from Abercrombie & Fitch and other similar retailers. Mr. Sternberg and Band of Outsiders has given me a new sense of definition for the polo and a reason to add a few to my closet. Hopefully one day I can put on a couple of these custom knitted cotton polos woven on rare Japanese machines to give the fabric a nice vintage worn feel. If you’re interested in purchase, Band of Outsiders has officially launched their beta online store which you can check out HERE. Below are three polo’s from the collection that caught my eye.

David Hart & Co.

If anyone is looking to add quality neck wear items to their collection then I would definitely give David Hart & Co. a chance. All ties and bowties are hand-tailored in New York City using luxury silks, wools, cottons, etc. All neckwear designs are personally developed by Mr. Hart himself. I have to say he has an amazing eye for Scottish tartans and silk prints.