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White Collar

So I guess everyone is done praising the costume designers of Mad Men and how brilliantly dressed the cast is.  I understand the interest in the 1960s’ era (a culturally changing US, style, music, etc.), but I live in the present. I don’t watch much television, but when I sat down with my little brother at home one weekend and he forced me to watch an episode of White Collar I was completely impressed. The show is about a top notch con-man, Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer), who is on probation from prison under the conditions that he helps the FBI capture other high profile criminals. The sub-plot of the show is that he is searching for his wife who has been kept away from him by an FBI agent Neil has yet to discover. The reason I’m making this post isn’t about the show’s ongoing plots, but about the personal style that the costume designers capture for Caffrey.

Neal Caffrey

Check out the tie bar, collar pins, skinny tie, and the fedora.  His look is clean and stylish combining classic aspects with modern touches. It completely fits his personality of an intellectual with expensive tastes and a love for romancing women although he always stays true to his first and only love. I’ve added an extra pic because 3 is a good number.