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Toro Y Moi: Blessa

Toro Y Moi is definitely one of the best artists I welcomed to my ears in ’09 and he’s definitely keeping steady in 2010. His grasp of smooth electronics keeps you happy from start to finish on his debut album Causers of This (which officially drops tomorrow). He channels the vibe of the 80’s while¬† still keeping a modern feel to the record.¬† The album gives me this feeling of moving forward while hanging on to the experiences I hold onto from the past. He’s touring extensively so check out his site to see if he’s coming to a city near you sometime soon, I promise it’s worth every penny (I saw him live before I ever heard a recorded track). Below is the video for the opening track to his LP, Blessa. Directed by Jon Casey.


Salem- It’s Only You

So I’ve decided that every Monday I’ll post a new music video to start bringing some organization to this “blog” (I’m starting to hate that word and what it stands for). But anyways this is a newish song from the band Salem. I’ve only been listening to this group for about a month now and they’ve blown my face away. The video is very experimental which definitely meshes with the sonic aesthetic that the band brings to the table.

Rich Hil- O’s

Did you know Tommy Hilfiger’s son was a hip-hop artist? Well you do now because I introduce you to Rich Hil. He seems to want to channel a modern hippie whose transcended the ages and is a lost soul from the 60’s. I feel the vibe. He might not be the best musician, but he definitely has a sense of creativity and originality to his project. Here’s his first single “O’s”.

“Young Forever”

One of the best songs of 2009, hands down.

Interview with Venice Is Sinking

So a couple weeks ago I sat down with the amazing members of Venice is Sinking. The guys (and gal) invited me over, FED ME, and we chit-chatted for over an hour about turkey, traveling, bad drivers, oh and of course their latest album AZAR. Please check out the band’s website and catch them live if you ever get a chance. AZAR is an amazing record I would recommend for anyone to take a listen. Catch the edited interview below or over at UGAstyle. Hope you enjoy.

Kid Cudi x Mr. West

Ok so today I had to do a double music video post because I just really enjoy watching these next 2 videos. Kid Cudi I guess you can say is kind of the theme behind this post, but not really. The first video is Kanye West feat. Cudi on “Welcome to Heartbreak”. I love the “acid trip” visualization effects, Kanye actually said he didn’t make a big deal about this video because it was the 2nd video to come out with these video effects. I think it’s one of his best to date.

The next video is “Pursuit of Happiness” by Cudi himself. I can’t get over the slow-mo envrionment with Cudi solely being in regular speed. The video is kind of simple as far as storyline goes, but the visual aspect is ridiculous.

Miike Snow- Animal

Miike Snow’s self-titled debut album is definitely one of my top 5 favorites from 2009. Check out their myspace for tunes and please watch the music video for “Animal” below. It’s amazing.

Miike Snow- Animal directed by Sebastian Mlynarski

Sebastian Mlynarski