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This Is Not A Polo Shirt?

Scott Sternberg has officially done it again. He’s introduced a line of polo’s, entitled “This is not a polo shirt”, cleverly impressive. I haven’t bought a polo shirt since high school because they remind me of the time I made youthful, immature decisions wasting my precious finances on overpriced polos from Abercrombie & Fitch and other similar retailers. Mr. Sternberg and Band of Outsiders has given me a new sense of definition for the polo and a reason to add a few to my closet. Hopefully one day I can put on a couple of these custom knitted cotton polos woven on rare Japanese machines to give the fabric a nice vintage worn feel. If you’re interested in purchase, Band of Outsiders has officially launched their beta online store which you can check out HERE. Below are three polo’s from the collection that caught my eye.